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Please see About Rent. Although a litas fine may seem a small sum, for western European standards , it is a large sum for women, who earn that sum in one day of 'escort' activity, and don't work every day. Apparently, the basis for this sanction is to punish "immoral" activity, in that way to reaffirm the government's pro catholic policies despite the fact, all European catholic countries legalize or decriminalize prostitution.

No thought is given to sex slavery activities of Lithuania's organized crime, who mostly work undisturbed by the Lithuania's law enforcement sector, but the police take almost a gleeful attitude in fining as much as possible, women who might just occasionally conduct in this kind of activity. An attempt was made in to legalize prostitution, when a young Christian Democrat MP of all parties! A utmost logical proposal, but it was immediately discarded and ignored.

Lithuania is prey to parliamentary politics which prizes sensationalism and cheap populism , anything which may be interpreted as 'immoral' is immediately attacked, with broad support of the public opinion. As more and more young people are immigrating to the west including the most beautiful escorts , the proportion of elderly and provincials increases, making the chances of any sensible legislation regarding prostitution increasingly unlikely.

Female travelers should not act surprised or indignant when their Lithuanian male friends pay their bills at restaurants, open every door in front of them, offer their hand to help them climb down that little step or help them carry anything heavier than a handbag - this is not sexual harassment or being condescending to the weaker sex.

Male travelers should understand that this is exactly the sort of behavior that most Lithuanian girls and women will expect from them, too. But standards of politeness are different. If you open a door to a Lithuanian women she will walk right by you, as if you are invisible. That's considered rude in Western Europe. Western European women will acknowledge your effort with a smile, and a "thank you". Lithuanian women justify this behavior claiming that men are expected to open the door for a lady, - there is nothing to thank for.

There are many differences in perception of what's polite and not, between eastern and western Europe. You just have to be patient. Also be aware , that men are expected to be well dressed when courting a woman. Scruffy jackets, creased trousers, dirty shoes, untidy hair will be noticed immediately by a Lithuanian woman, who will scan a man like an X-ray machine from head to toe, any aforementioned imperfection noticed, - will be a turn off for the woman. Also fat men are a turn off. To be fair Lithuanian women spend a of of time and money making themselves beautiful, so it's only fair that also a man should spare so time dulling himself up.

Infact, that is one of the complaints Lithuanian women have of their men. That they don't make any effort to be tidy,well dressed and attractive, and in this sphere are easily beaten by Scandinavian, Italian and Turkish men who are often found in the Vilnius night life. An idea could be, while being driven from the airport to your Hotel, start talking to your taxi driver about Vilnius night life, ask about how to get a prostitute like in your country its the most normal thing to ask for! If you're lucky, you could be pleasantly surprised!

Hot guys in Vilnius Lithuania. Better than rentmen, rent boys, male escorts or gay massage

For sure you'll find an extremely semi pro girl, even not semi , like she does 'tricks' just occasionally to tide things over, or buy those wonderful shoes she's seen in an upmarket shoe shop! If you are looking for a beautiful Lithuanian escort to have sex with, you'll more easily find such a woman in London, Oslo or Stockholm. The really beautiful escorts of photo model quality, know what they're worth, and the purchasing power of Western European men has far stronger attraction, than the one of Lithuanian men. A few of these women return for their holidays, or take a rest or visit their sick granny, - and continue their activity also in Vilnius, using web sites, but at a lower rate than let's say, in London.

If you're lucky, you might come across such women.

MariusLo Submited Reviews

But they beat a hasty retreat back to for example, London, not only are the men more randy and spend-thrifty there. But how can you compare the attractions of London with little Vilnius, some escorts the author has meet have told him, their 'love' for London and couldn't wait to get back! Lucky Londoners and Oslo-ians, Stockholmers! There is no official Red-light district in Vilnius. You have to travel all the way to Germany to find a Red-light district.

Vilnius Gay Male Escorts, RentBoys & Gay Massage, Callboys |

There is still one unofficial red light district in Vilnius. Sometimes the Vilnius taxi drivers while driving down Sodu gatve one way direction will tell their passengers that they are driving through Vilnius's 'red light' district. Of course, a wildly exaggerated statement compared to the Hamburg , Amsterdam and Brussels districts, but the taxi drivers take almost a perverse pride in that they are like Western Europe, not less but the same, there is an element inferiority complex, - that also in this way, they are the same as Western Europe.

Yes, there is prostitution activity going on. Prostitution is illegal in Lithuania, with police fining clients and prostitutes 90 to Euro.

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The above mentioned street and surrounding streets are heavily patrolled by police , so it is risky to come in contact with these street walkers. The area is right in front of the train station , and some girls will walk in front of the Panorama Hotel, opposite the McDonalds. Also the street behind Panorama Hotel leading to the station which has a side entrance to the Halle market, has 2 to 5 street walkers every evening. It seems there are a few in the streets around Holiday Inn, on the north side of the river, next to the 'financial' district.

Again low quality, and usually for car based punters. A few may be 'clean' girls. But the girls are very cheap - from 20 to 50 Euro per sex session. This Hostel also gets regularly raided by the police, with the aggravations this brings about. Other option is to park your car in a discreet location and have sex in the car. Again low quality looks. In conclusion, Vilnius is not Amsterdam , - but its not a dangerous area, just be careful and sober, a few times you can also be approached by pimps, who will offer you girls, most likely they are pimps supplementing their heavy drugs business.

See Also: List of red-light districts. Nowadays, 'classified' internet ads are used and there are several of them. These type of services are often very affordable and actually not much more expensive than street prostitutes, which are often not very attractive in Vilnius. Working girls at these places often overcharge the customers. Massage salon business is also growing in Lithuania, but so far there are no Asian massage parlours in Vilnius. Street prostitutes in Vilnius cost around 20 to 50 Euro. You can have sex with the streetwalkers in your car or take them to a short time hotel where you need to pay 15 to 20 Euro for a one hour room.

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Some of the really desperate prostitutes will suck your cock even in a back alley. You could find street walkers in Vilnius from these areas. But please note that most girls work indoors these days and some of the following areas may be in-active today! Join to get 10 free private teasers and 9. You can choose any girl from our trusted Live Sex Cams! Live Sex Cams are booming at the moment. Webcam models can be found from all over the world and you can find girls, guys, trannies, couples and groups of different ages performing to you. Watching live sex shows is usually free , but if you buy some credits , you will have much better chances to see adult action as desired!

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